Adams Acres, NY’s First Organic U-Pick Orchard

By Neil B. Miller | September 18th, 2010

Adams Acres, a new organic U-Pick apple orchard, opened last weekend in Jamesville, just south of Syracuse, and currently has organic Honeycrisps and Spartas, both sweet eating varieties, and Liberty, a tart cooking apple, for sale.

I stopped by Adams Acres last Sunday and toured the orchard with owner and farmer Bill Adams. Bill’s orchard is small, about 2 1/2 acres, and although the trees are only 3 years old they were heavy with large, beautiful organic apples.

Bill previously managed Emmi & Son’s in Baldwinsville before moving on to a different career. Adams Acres marks a return to his roots, and to farming in Central New York. Once Adams Acres receives NOFA-NY certification, which should occur sometime next year, it will be the first certified organic U-Pick farm in New York State.

As Bill and I toured the orchard, our conversation ranged from trellising and other management techniques to the use of Surround®, a relatively new pest control spray made from kaolin, a natural clay, that deters insects from damaging the fruit. Surround offers New York apple growers a powerful new tool for managing pests, and may persuade other farmers to switch from Integrated Pest Management to organic farming.

Adams Acres is located at 7047 Sevier Road between Route 91 and Sweet Road. They are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 5 PM until early-to-mid October.


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  1. joan huenemann michie says:

    Please encourage more apple farmers to offer organic apples to pick. We have a had a lot of cancer in our family and we cannot go apple picking down here around NYC…thanks for what you are doing – any ideas of where for us? in Westechester or Putnam Counties?

  2. Neil Miller says:

    Hi Joan,

    Thank you for writing. I found a couple of orchards down by you in Ulster County, Your best bet appears to be Stone Ridge Orchard, 3012 E State Rte 213, Stone Ridge, NY, 12484, 845-687-2587,, which uses “progessive ecological farming methods,” but which is not certified organic; and Mr Apple, High Falls, NY, 845 687-0005,, which describes itself as a “low spray orchard,” which means they employ IPM techniques, including the use of conventional pesticides.

  3. Neil Miller says:

    I did a bit more research and there appears to be an organic orchard in Ulster County, Liberty View Farm, which is “certified natural” and grows “better than organic,” produce. They make a big deal about their “ugly,” naturally grown apples on their website, so it’s a good bet they are organic. Liberty View Farm, 340 Crescent Ave., Highland, NY 12528, 858-883-7004, Hope this helps.

  4. Apple Lover says:

    Adams Acres now has an official website, giving more details about what organic apples they have to pick , etc.

  5. Ruth Mudge says:

    Absolutely a treat! Love feeling safe breathing deeply and touching the food that we will be eating! Our family had a great time picking wonderful apples while discovering all of the clever ways they were preserved for us =0) The family who runs it is friendly and welcoming. We will see these folks long into the future as long as the word gets out! Go! Pick! Tell your friends! A U-Pick organic orchard is a treasure wee need to keep!

  6. Jim says:

    We discovered Adam’s Acres in time for fall 2011 apple picking. ABSOLUTELY the best apples we’ve ever had. Hopefully the strange 2012 weather won’t bite into this year’s crop…

  7. Elly says:

    Do you know of any organic you pick farms in Monroe county? Glad to see an organic apple orchard….wish we were closer.

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